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Sandwich makin’ party!!!
I’m the 2nd piece of roast beef. Which one are you?!
Ho-Ho-Ho: An Update from Yours Truly

Greetings friends and lovers,

Just wanted to provide an update to you curious cats out there.

I recently completed illustrations for the tech gadget retailer extraordinaire¬†Grand St.’s holiday campaign, featuring some of the characters and gifs I’ve been posting throughout the past few weeks. The site has three levels of geekiness, featuring a techno turtle (not so tech savvy), curious cat (interested in technology), and a grabby octopus (geek supreme). It also features an awesome ski game where a mobile device skis down the slopes to collect as many presents as possible!

Below are just a few goodies that you might enjoy, but please take a look at the complete website for ultimate viewing pleasure:

Besides Grand St., I’ve been working on many personal projects and doing a complete overhaul of my website.

More to come in 2014, and can’t wait to share it with you soon!¬†

My old studio is having a holiday sale this Friday! You should go, bug them, and most importantly buy cool stuff!


If you’re in NYC this Friday and want to do something exciting, you should come by our studio! Here are some things you can do when you’re here: 1. Watch us work2. Look around and enjoy yourself3. Buy some things we have for sale4. Talk to us5. Bring us snacks?6. Entertain us with song and/or danceWe are all very nice, but we’ll probably be even nicer if you bring a cute dog with you upon visiting. Everyone has an incredible stash of goodies for sale, so don’t miss out because we’re probably never going to do this again. 

Something to dream about tonight.
A birthday gif I made yesterday for Mr. Josh Cochran. Happy birthday friend! 
A slice of happiness just for you.